Mission & Vision

70 years of Italian quality and experience in the production of asynchronous electric motors

Neri Motori is founded on passion for its work and the mechanical sector, bolstered by Emilia Romagna’s strong motoring tradition which has provided fertile ground for a natural evolution towards motion, dynamic transformation, control and precision.


To continue and broaden the work of our founder, Walter Neri, who believed in his electric motors, people and territory so much that he invested all his energy in seeing them grow and progress (history >>).

We want to remain faithful to those ideas and passions. We want to affirm the quality of our work and our motors, and take our region’s expertise around the world because we are proud of our strong Italian roots. We believe in ethical relationships and customer retention. We always give our utmost energy and quality to our customers.

In innovation, continual improvement, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, we are committed to understanding market demands and turning them into quality solutions for complete customer satisfaction.


Consolidate the results achieved; meet the requirements of a constantly changing market; study, build and supply electric motors with recognisable performance in sectors never before reached, and develop new markets.