Encoder-Resolver tachometer dynamo

Special shaft configurations are available upon request, prepared or based on drawings to receive the speed or position measuring device, or for keying onto the motor shield. In this case, assisted power cooling is also available, supported by brackets on the fan cover.

  • TTL – 1024 ig;
  • zero notch;
  • 1.5 m cable without connector;
  • IP65;

Specialities on request:

  • programmable TTL/HTL up to 10000 rpm;
  • 4,5 – 32 V Vdc;
  • M23 – 11 pin connector;
  • MIL – 10 pin connector;

Thermal overload cut-out switches – Standard TP111 (per IEC 34-1 / IEC 34-11)
The electrical protections on the motor power line may not be sufficient to protect against overloads.
TP111, in compliance with the applicable Standards, means that the triggering of the protection system is ensured with the slow increase of motor heat, in temporal terms about 5 times the thermal constant of the motor.
If the cooling conditions worsen, the motor overheats but the electrical conditions do not change, which inhibits line protections.
Installing built-in protections on the windings solves this problem:

Bimetallic device PTO
this is a normally-closed electromechanical device that opens electrically when the threshold temperature is reached; it automatically resets when the temperature falls below the threshold level.
Bimetallic devices are available with various intervention temperatures and without automatic reset, per EN 60204-1.
Connection: standard in series

PTC thermistor device
this device promptly, positively adjusts its resistance once the threshold temperature is reached.
Connection: standard singles

PT100 device
this is a device that continuously, increasingly adjusts its resistance according to the temperature.
It is useful for constant measuring of the winding temperatures using electronic equipment.
Connection: standard singles

Thermo-magnetic device/switch
For single- and three-phase motors, the terminal box is available with built-in switch or cut-outs in a single container, with protection rating of IP55.