The electric motors covered by this catalogue are constructed and tested in accordance with the IEC Norms which implement the most important EEC European Directives in the electrical engineering sector, in particular 2006/95/EC and 2006/42/EC.

All the induction motors we produce have die-cast squirrel cage motor and wound stator, are enclosed and have external cooling to IEC 34-6 (IC 411).

The power supply voltages of the standard motors in the catalogue comply with IEC 38 (1983) and CEI-8-6 (March 1990): 230V/400V/50Hz for the three-phase models and 230V/50Hz for the single-phase types, with permissible variation of the rated voltage (Tab. 10).
All electrical and mechanical specifications, as well as the testing methods, comply with IEC 34-1 and CEI EN 60034-1.

The output powers and machine sizes comply with CEI IEC 72-1, while construction forms B3, B5 and B14 are to IEC 34-7.
All geometrical dimensions are standardized in accordance with the UNEL tables 13113-71, 13117-71, 13118-71/CEI IEC 72-1.

The degrees of protection of the casings comply with CEI EN 60034-5.
Our standard motors have IP 55 protection and are insulated overall in class F to IEC 34-1 and CEI EN 60034-1.
If the flanges are used to contain oil or water, this should be specified when ordering (as compact).
In general bodies, shields and flanges are in alluminium.

Motors are manufactured for standard S1 service, other executions on request.
Attention: single-phase motors
For single-phase motors, the thermal operating duty must be correctly specified.
Example: S3 30%, as for this motor no-load operation is quite important for heating purposes, since the machine is electrically unbalanced.