An important new experience for Neri Motori in the area of lifting and bridge cranes.

Dual-polarity motors are traditionally used for these applications, however, a study has found that the motors developed by Neri Motori are able to guarantee optimal control of such systems by means of an inverter.

By replacing dual-polarity motors with inverter-driven motors, the entire system can, in fact, be made more efficient with great benefits:


  • Reduced weight and size;
  • Increased efficiency;
  • Lower costs and energy consumption;
  • Lower working temperatures;
  • More reliability;
  • Optimised control.

Lastly, by using Neri inverter-driven motors the range of motors needed for a given application can be rationalised, from requiring one motor for each torque/power size to a single motor with an inverter able to cater for different sizes. All this translates into lower warehouse costs for the end customer.

With consolidated experience in this sector, Neri Motori has tested the reliability of the study with leading foreign customers and the results have far exceeded expectations.


Neri Motori provides a high standard of service that assists customers in finding the best possible technical solution for the specific application.

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