Practicality and technology for industrial automatic doors.

Neri Motori was contacted by a major industrial doors manufacturer to develop a new solution. The product the client needed was very different from the standard: the requirement was for motorized doors with a superior level of practicality and technology.

For Neri Motori it was a very interesting challenge.

Usually, to prevent the automatic door from stopping to work in the event of a power failure, a limit switch is manually triggered for safety purposes. However, performing this operation at the height the client required was not feasible.


Neri Motori listened to the requirement and designed a special self-braking motor with an electronic device that activates without operator intervention. 

A motor was proposed with a dedicated terminal board cover to enable rapid wiring in complete safety.

Unlike the limit switch, Neri Motori’s solution does not require manual operator intervention.

The main advantages of this customized solution are practicality, faster installation, and simpler maintenance.

The motor is very quick to install thanks to quick-fits contained in the terminal board cover.

Innovation and electronics are the ingredients that Neri Motori channeled into this custom solution.

The motor is available in various sizes, depending on door dimensions, and is recommended for industrial doors superior to the standard.                                                       

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