We drive safety systems in places subject to very high temperatures.

Neri Motori has been involved in providing the means of driving a fire-fighting system inside the Metro of a Northern European capital.

The end customer is an important Italian organisation that designs and constructs buildings for industrial and civil use: in this specific case, the customer won the contract to build the Metro of a famous Scandinavian city.

In order to comply with the necessary safety standards, the fire-fighting system must be designed in such a way as to allow smoke and fumes to escape. It is a preventive measure to minimise the risk of fires breaking out in the Metro system and to limit the spread should they develop on trains, in tunnels and in stations.

For this reason, the end customer needed a driver system, comprising a motor and actuator, that would be precise and safe and that could withstand specific working conditions. The damp climate of the Scandinavian city and the specific application of the fire-fighting system were the basis for designing a customised solution.

Neri Motori built a self-braking motor with a special fan cover and a cavity made of a material able to withstand high temperatures. The motors made by Neri, together with the actuators, make it possible to achieve the movement required by the customer.

The electrical motor, rated class H which is able to withstand up to +150° C and with special C4 paint for a marine environment, was equipped with a high-quality brake and a SICK Encoder, with programming data set by the customer: it will feature the important task of becoming activated to open a platform when the system detects smoke.

Neri Motori has designed a solution to protect the brake and the Encoder from high temperatures. The area where the two components are housed is therefore able to withstand the maximum temperature so they can continue to work.

For this purpose, the motors made by Neri were subjected to stringent safety and quality tests and the entire technical staff took part in finding the solution to the problem.

Neri Motori managed to satisfy the customer by listening to their exact needs and adapting its know-how promptly to guarantee an effective and reliable solution.

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